Michael Eller Holdings is a video collective spanning through four different verticals and exists to offer clients a wide range of video needs.
The list of properties that Michael manages doesn’t limit him to pursuing new ventures or mediums. If you have an idea that falls within the creative field, leave a message!
Feel free to connect via social as well.
Monachetti was the first brainchild (baby) for Michael. Back in 2003, Michael saw a need in the immediate DMV area to create a new wedding video company. One that drew on the idea that your wedding video could be more like a music video or short film. Something entertaining to watch immediately after your wedding day, but also a film that could hold up for many, many years to come...
What started as the sister company to Monachetti, Rivion has grown to be its own unique wedding video brand. Rivion specializes in taking on a higher number of events each year, while not compromising the quality, customer service, and approach to each wedding and couple...
Fischer was born out of demand. The wedding world led to numerous other video projects that deserved a home of their own...